Privacy Notice –

As per international and national legislation concerning protection of personal data, we hereby inform the visitors of this website concerning the use or transfer of any data they may share via this website.


What data do we collect?

This website does not use cookies. The only data we collect from the visitors of the website is through the request forms. These forms are labelled as “medical request form” and “program request form”, and they can be accessed through different pages of the website.

These forms collect personal information including name, country, contact information, and date of birth. In addition, the medical request form collects information about your medical history and images/videos of your body parts, while program request form additionally collects data about your preferences for your potential travel to Istanbul.


Purpose of data collection

The above-mentioned data are collected for analysing your request for our services, creating a tailored proposal for you and submitting this proposal to you. The data is not used for any other purposes.


Who has access to your data?

Your data will be viewed and analysed only by team. Where needed, the data will be partially or completely shared with providers, including clinics and travel service providers, all of which will be notified of the confidentiality of the data. None of the information items will be used out of the above-stated purpose by any of the parties that have access to your data. And the data will not be shared publicly under any circumstances or in any media.


How long will your data be kept?

Your data will be only kept long enough for it to be processed for its stated purpose.



For any questions or requests concerning data protection, contact us at