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About Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Türkiye and Europe. It connects Anatolia and Balkans, Asia and Europe, the East and the West. Not only geographically, but also historically, culturally and financially.

While the Bosphorus Strait divides Istanbul into European and Asian sides, it connects Black Sea and Marmara Sea. While both sides have had different stories at different points of time, they also have a lot of shared stories that merge the two worlds. Istanbul is a national, regional and global hub that offers you a very wide range of potential experiences.

The city hosts over 16 million people, and millions of expats and tourists visiting it every month. Having served as the capital city of some of the world's largest empires in history including Ottoman Empire and Byzantine Empire, Istanbul hosts a tremendous cultural heritage and a multicultural atmosphere. The city is known for its never-ending dynamism in terms of life styles, business and culture.

Go to our useful links page for more information about the city and its dynamics.

Why you should consult us

We are a multi-lingual team specialised in diverse sectors in Istanbul, including tourism and medical tourism, linguistic and facilitation services, events organisation, training design and coordination, etc. As part of our occupations, we have been working regularly and closely with tens of local and international businesses in Istanbul that offer good quality for good prices. In addition, all of us have experience of living in different countries of the world and have been working internationally for years. This ensures that we understand people from across the world, and we can provide them with the most suitable guidance and consultancy in and about Istanbul.

In many areas, we can provide you detailed information (and even resources, reports, etc. if requested) about a specific topic and Istanbul, based on our relevant experience. It can be simply related to your stay in Istanbul or information and guidance on different industries in the city. And in some other areas, we connect you with the right source of information and facilitate your communication, where needed.

We are aware that it is not always easy to be a “foreigner” in Istanbul for several reasons including the huge size of the city, high number of options and possibilities, and dynamism of the daily life. In addition, millions of tourists visiting Istanbul every month has naturally led to the very common, ready-made services (for unreasonable prices, in some cases), like in most touristic destinations across the world.

For your visit, you may choose to get tailored support directly from a professional travel agency for a customised stay. This would most probably require you to pay more than a local would pay for similar services. Alternatively, you can get our guidance (including recommended services, locations, information resources), then make your own online research about Istanbul and plan your entire visit by taking informed decisions. If you do not have the time, just consult us for a sample program and a list of recommendations for different requests.

Once you let us know your expectations related to your future visit, we provide you with local tips and a tailored concept. We always aim to give you all the essential information and make sure you have an optimal stay in Istanbul. With our guidance, you won’t feel like a tourist or a foreigner, and you will be able get into the spirit of Istanbul just like a local. You will pay less and still get the best customised services, enjoy the best views, eat good food, walk in the most refreshing streets, visit the most interesting museums, and have a comfortable and cosy stay.

Overall professional framework

Our main specialisation is international consultancy services, which is mainly focused on linguistic support, facilitation, capacity building and program design, and which mainly intersects the (medical) tourism sector.


Linguistic services: We believe in the power of linguistic skills in facilitating an entire international process of any kind. We also trust the power of quality linguistic services in increasing the chances of fulfilling expectations related to a visit, a meeting, etc. The quality of interpretation can affect the productivity or success during a medical consultation, a business meeting or any other context. This is why we approach this service professionally and with utmost care for detail. Regarding written translation, when it is about the Turkish language, machine translation still has some way to go. Especially official or critical documents such as your medical reports, business or service contracts, identity/residence/visa documentation are way too important to be translated poorly. We guarantee maximum accuracy and best quality in translation. 


Facilitation: Our consultancy service goes beyond pure linguistic services thanks to our experience in international communication and consultancy in diverse sectors. We facilitate our clients’ communication and engagement with local and international businesses and entities, by establishing close connections and finding tailored solutions in bilateral or multilateral settings. 


Capacity building: We believe in lifelong learning and thus strive for continuous improvements. We do this not only for our own business; we also provide guidance to international and local businesses on improving their capacity through job shadowing, resources sharing, training design, etc. We believe one of the key assets of international consultancy is the exchange of practices and information between similar businesses, and we know how to do it by finding the top relevant entities and designing the entire exchange process.

Tailored programs

In many cases, our consultancy services need to be complemented by a program design for best possible experience in Istanbul. This is why they also involve guiding clients for the best and most productive stays possible in Istanbul.

We create a tailored concept for your stay and smoothly connect you with the right providers specialised in their fields (including travel agencies, event organisers and more).

Our programs differ from usual touristic programs offered by professional travel agencies in that they are based on a concept designed specifically for your needs and expectations in Istanbul, rather than usual touristic programs.


Our research shows that there are over 3,000 accommodation facilities in Istanbul, with a capacity of over 200,000 beds. This number is quite dynamic. The number of hotels increased dramatically especially in the last years, rising by almost 10 times between 2010 and 2021. It has been estimated that at least 30 new hotels would start operating in Istanbul only within 2023. 

The diversity of options is as big as the number of hotels. While you can find some of the most luxuruous hotels of Europe and Middle East in Istanbul, there are also hundreds of boutique hotels that offer different price options. In addition to hotels and similar facilities, it is quite visible how short-term apartment or room rentals have become popular in Istanbul, like in many other cities of the world.

How do we arrange your accommodation?

We propose the ideal hotel options (or apartment, for longer stays) based on your program, purpose of visit and budget. We may recommend you the best 5-star hotels that are located at some of the most central locations or a boutique hotel at a cosy street in a less touristic, calm neighborhood. 

Why us?

    • We are connected with some of the best hotels that will fit your expectations and budget. With us, you do not just reserve a room, but also get guidance concerning the neighborhood, transfers to/from the location, and smooth communication with the hotel.
    • You will not pay more than the online/market prices of the hotel/apartment (and in many cases, you will pay less). 

History & Culture

There is no doubt that Istanbul is one of the most outstanding centres of history and culture in the world. Even if you are not a “regular tourist”, there are some essential places every visitor must see. These include architectural masterpieces from Byzantine and Ottoman times, as well as very rich museums of history, arts and culture.

There are many iconic architectural masterpieces that are globally associated with the city of Istanbul, including Ottoman Palaces, Hagia Sophia, tens of historical mosques, churches and synagogues, etc.


If you would like to have a comprehensive and professional tour, we recommend getting connected with one of the professional, certified tour guides that speak your language. Interested in a more casual tour for a smaller budget? We can let you know the most essential/relevant places based on your interests, and provide basic info and resources. You may first wish to check our useful links page.

Land transport

Well… Istanbul does not always offer you the best experiences, especially if you are not well prepared. Despite the well-developed transportation insfrastructure, the city is known to have a very high traffic density due to the huge population it hosts. This makes it absolutely necessary to check online maps (Google, Yandex, etc.) to see traffic situation on your route at different times and plan your transportation accordingly. Sometimes, maps are also not enough to estimate what will happen in an hour. Then you would need local guidance or risk your time.


We help you arrange your transfers within Istanbul (including both airports and larger urban area), or help you get public transport through our useful links.


Transfers by a van: We can arrange your airport transfers and other pre-scheduled transfers in Istanbul. Most cost-efficient choice is booking a van and driver for your transfer. One-way transfer within Istanbul costs between 30 and 60 Eur. 


Public transport: Or you can have a look at our “useful links“. The page includes several links to webpages about how to use public transport in Istanbul, which options you have, what are the weekly schedules and so on. Keep in mind: Public transport is not always the best option. We still recommend you to consult us to get guidance or service.

Sea transport

In many cases, transfer by sea can be also a smart decision thanks to the long Bosphorus strait and the Marmara Sea. You can find “sea taxis”, as well as private boats for transfers.

Another common option is public ferries. They are refreshing, comfortable and definitely one of the best ways of discovering Istanbul, and feeling the spirit of it.

You can take ferries to even outside of Istanbul. If you go towards Black Sea (northern Bosphorus), you will have a view of beautiful modern and historical buildings and larger green areas on both sides of the strait. If you go from European side to Prince Islands, you will see the golden horn, the historical peninsula (Hagia Sophia, etc.) and much of the Asian side of Istanbul.

Contact us to get the smartest transfer solutions.

Restaurants & Bars

Turkish cuisine is considered by many as one of the best cuisines of the world, with hundreds of years of interaction with Syrian, Greek and other reputable cuisines.

Many tourists somehow find themselves at overrated, touristic restaurants mostly in the historical old town, which do not necessarily represent the best Turkish food. With us, you will have the best food at diverse quality local restaurants.



As a natural result of its vibrant lifestyle, Istanbul hosts some of the best bars and night clubs in the region. The options are quite diverse, including traditional Meyhanes where you can drink raki and eat mezes, or a cosy Irish pub in the heart of the city.



Let us know your what you expect from your “best night in Istanbul”, and we will help you get it. 


You can attend a wide variety of unique activities and events in Istanbul. We closely follow all the activity calendars in Istanbul, and can even organise special events for groups, as well. Below are some examples of events & activities.

Some of the most spectacular places in Istanbul are located along the Bosphorus strait. We rent private yachts/boats not only for your transfers, but also for a tour of Istanbul or for your special events, dinners, etc.

Istanbul is a centre for arts and music, as well. You may come across a jazz concert by great international talents in a public park by the sea.

Or don’t leave it to chance. Contact us for similar events during your stay. This will multiply your love for Istanbul!

An outdoor cinema by Bosphorus strait gives you a unique feeling!

You can watch some of the best international movies (English & Turkish and more) at a perfect, refrereshing atmosphere, with the locals and expats of the city.

Or you can have your private movie evening at a cosy terrace with a large view. 

As the last capital city of the Ottomans, Istanbul still sustains the traditional arts it has inherited. We can organise personalised workshops for you to practice some of these timeless arts including marbling, at the heart of the old town.

Or you can get a half-day workshop on wood carving at a boutique atelier in an old, cosy neighborhood.


These are just few examples of events/activities we can offer you. Other options range from horse-riding or Formula1 driving experience to arts exhibitions and fairs. Just let us know what experience you would like to have in Istanbul, and we will let you know how/if we can help you with that.


Take a look at our collection of useful links before/ during your stay in Istanbul. See up-to-date schedule of ferries (boats for public transport). Watch documentaries on the city’s history. See the calendar of best events. And more…