Useful links for Istanbul

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Flow through the city of tales

Haven't seen Istanbul yet? Or are you missing it? Let's start with a short video.

General information about Istanbul

Britannica offers a good read on Istanbul’s history, arts, culture, architecture and more.

A Netflix series... Rise of Empires: Ottoman

We recommend you to watch this Neflix series, which uses widely-accepted historical data to document the conquest of Istanbul (then “Constantinople”). It will help you better feel the spirit of this city that hosted some of the largest empires of history.

A video of daily life in Istanbul

This 3-hour video by “4K Urban Life” can make you feel like you are wondering around different parts of the city. 

Things to do in Istanbul

Music and Arts Events

Check the events page of one of the biggest organisers of music and film festivals, biennals, and more: the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV).

You can consult of for many other options.


Museumpass is a card issued by the Museums Directorate of Turkey for tourists. It is an economical way of visiting 13 of the most outstanding museums in Istanbul. Go to the webpage to see info on these 13 museums and how you can acquire a Museumpass.

You can consult us for other museums that are run privately or by other public institutions.

32 things to do in Istanbul

Time Out has a compilation of 32 things to do in Istanbul. The list is quite diverse: History, cuisine, shopping, music and more.

Consult us to get more suggestions or to get more information or support for any of the listed activities.

Internations: Meet the expats and "international locals"

Internations hosts communities of interest. This international website allows expats and locals to network and attend diverse events ranging from a daily trip to Prince Islands to concerts, arts events or more casual gatherings.

Altough many of the Internations events in Istanbul can be interesting and well-organised, we do not guarantee that all of them can offer you very good time. Consult us for some tips or some other options that are more tailored to you.

Fairs and exhibitions

TÜYAP is one of the biggest organisers of fairs and exhibitions. Check their calendar to see if there are any scheduled fairs that might interest you during your stay.

If interested in a more targeted networking opportunity or business, you can consult us for organisation of a meeting, translation, etc.  

Football matches

Are you a football enthusiast? Or interested in seeing some of the most creative and passionate football fan bases? Check the Super League schedule, then. If there are any football matches, it can be a good chance for an interesting memory. See the steps for purchasing a ticket on this website.

Istanbul also frequently hosts important international matches (in football and other sports), including the unforgettable final match of the 2005 UEFA Champions League final Milan vs. Liverpool and the upcoming UEFA CL final match in June 2023! Contact us for more information on sports events.  

Public transport and more

HavaIst buses between the airport and the city

You can check the website of HavaIst bus transfer company to see their schedule, prices, announcements, etc. for public bus transfers from/to both airports (IST and SAW). This is one of the most economical options for your airport-city transfers.

How to get a public transport card: IstanbulKart

You can take public transportation only by getting an IstanbulKart. You can check how to get it and the prices on this website (please check the date of last update on the website).

To get an IstanbulKart online, or to make transactions for your card, visit their official website: 

Public transport schedules, routes and stops

Moovit is an application that provides online, up-to-date information on public transport in Istanbul. You can use it on the web or download the app.

Subway maps

This Yandex map provides a very good overview of subway lines in Istanbul. You can simply select your current location and the destination, and it will create the route for you.

Ferries timetable

This website of the municipality provides schedules for all ferries within Istanbul. We definitely recommend taking ferries to all our guests, as it is one of the most enjoyable ways of transportation in Istanbul.

Taxi cost calculator

Taxis can be a bit tricky in Istanbul. You can use the below website to make an approximate calculation of taxi costs in Istanbul, by simply entering the distance (in km). The website is only in Turkish, but can be used easily with some translation support.

Free Wi-Fi locations, pharmacies and more

Below map shows all the locations where the Municipality of Istanbul provides free Wi-Fi service. In addition, you can use the map to see the location of pharmacies (including those on duty during non-working hours), facilities, etc.