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We connect you directly with top-quality clinics of hair transplant, other plastic procedures, and dental treatments in Istanbul, with a great price advantage.

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Turkey, or Türkiye, is a popular destination for people from all around the world seeking medical care or cosmetic procedures. This is not only because of the significantly favourable prices but also due to the long years of intensive experience Turkish medical and hospitality teams have gained with patients from all around the world! In brief, it is about:

  • Experienced teams & high levels of satisfaction
  • Up to 10 times lower prices
  • A great opportunity to visit one of the most amazing cities in world, Istanbul

We have years of experience working with people from all around the world and with many clinics/doctors in Istanbul. This has let us constantly enlarge our network in medical and cosmetic sectors. If you choose us, you will know that you will get good medical care by professional medical staff.

You will also know what to expect from your operation. Remote consultation process (before your arrival in Istanbul) is one of the most important steps of our work. We make sure that we know and understand all the relevant details about your medical background and your desired medical result. For many operations (for example, hair transplant and rhinoplasty), we analyse your photos and create a simulation of your results. This helps us understand your desired result better and make the best decision together.

Another important reason for choosing us is proper information flow and smooth communication. You get all essential information on time and in proper shape. For example, we will make sure that you know how to prepare for the operation, how long your operation is expected to take, for how many days you should avoid exercise after your procedure, whether/how you should massage the area(s) of operation, etc.

You will get all the needed medications and aftercare products as part of your service package. We will make sure you go back home with all you need in the coming weeks and months. And we will closely monitor the progress by remaining in contact with you until the final result is there.

We work only with verified clinics/doctors for each type of medical service you would like to get. We verify them either through our previous cooperation (based on results of previous patients) or through references from our network about their reputation in the community.


If you come to us with a Rhinoplasty request, for example, we will listen to your exact needs first, and then propose the ideal plastic surgery clinic(s) or doctor(s) for you. In many cases, we can connect you with several doctors and let you choose.

As Your Guide in Istanbul, we’ve got discounts from diverse clinics in Istanbul, whose quality has been verified by us after comprehensive online and offline research. In most cases, these discounts let us put no additional financial burden on you: We use our discounts to get our service fee for connecting the right person with the right provider and coordinating the entire process. For you, this means free guidance in finding the best doctor for most reasonable price and coordinating your program.


We guarantee the best price in the market, but we do not guarantee the cheapest service. Our primary criterion is good quality, and then comes the cost efficiency.


Contact us directly to get a quote for the specific services you would like to get.

  • You contact us directly for your questions/requests. If you would like to make it faster, you can directly fill a Medical Request Form.  
  • We consult the relevant medical teams and prepare an initial report for you, summarising the recommended type of operation or technique, expected success level of the operation, a simulation of the expected result, and the price of the entire medical procedure.
  • Based on your feedback, we rework on the report or have a quick call/online meeting to discuss the details.
  • Based on the information, photos, etc. you have provided, the medical team may consider it necessary to have an online consultation (in the form of a meeting) before your trip to Turkey. Or in some cases, they may require/recommend you to have some medical tests done before you come to Istanbul. 
  • Once you are in Istanbul, we care for you. You won’t need to worry about your schedule, appointments, transfers, etc.
  • We make sure you go back with all the information you should know about aftercare. We continue communicating on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of operation), to make sure you achieve timely progress and get the best possible results.

We prefer to have a remote consultation before any service we may provide for you. We consider this consultation as a process, rather than a single call or meeting.

The first step is to gather the essential information from you through our Medical Request Form. In addition to your medical history and desired medical results, you should also send us relevant photos through this form, where possible.

We examine the information and photos to create a brief report which

  • summarises the recommended procedure (including all the essential medical information about the operation)
  • includes a photo simulation of your expected result (if requested)
  • shows the exact price, with a detailed and transparent breakdown.

In the case of further questions, we will have a call to listen to you in more detail until we exactly understand your expectations and concerns, if any. Then we will share all our recommendations during the call or through a second report. 

We will be always available before, during and after your medical procedure(s). And we are aware that each stage is equally important.

We will be facilitating your entire communication with the doctors and medical teams. After we collect initial information from you, we deliver them confidentially (anonymously) to the clinic to make an initial analysis and assessment. Then Your Guide in Istanbul produces an initial assessment report for you. If you would like to know more details, we arrange a remote (online) consultation between you and the doctor/expert.


We accompany our guests throughout their consultations, examinations and procedures here in Istanbul. We will interpret for you, whenever needed, to make sure you get the exact service/result you would like to get.


After the procedure, we will continue to be your point of contact for guidance about aftercare etc.