About us

Your Guide in Istanbul is a budget-friendly health and travel boutique.

We are a group of Istanbul people with long years of international experience. We are your local friends, and we know how to find good service and how much to pay for it.

We are aware that it is not easy to be a foreigner in Istanbul. The city hosts over 10 million tourists every year from all around the world. And many expats living in it… Like in most of similar touristic cities, this naturally leads to many ready-made, profit-focused services that are rarely customised to your exact needs and wishes. We know that in Istanbul, better experiences are possible with smaller budgets.

Why you should choose us

We are professional locals living in Istanbul.  We love the city’s international spirit and friendly atmosphere.

We respect diversity in terms of cultural background, nationality, gender, age, and more.

We connect you only with professional and reliable services with high standards.

We check and verify service quality through different steps, including online and offline inquiries.

We guarantee highest value for your budget. You will get the maximum for what you pay.

Our pricing is transparent. And you will get diverse options based on your budget.

We offer unique and tailored services based on your specific needs and wishes.

This applies to both your medical/cosmetic results and your overall experience in Istanbul.


We work with tens of local providers in Türkiye and other partners across the world. Contact us for more detailed/specific information about who we work with, and how.

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