Prices of medical services in Istanbul

Prices of dental treatments, hair transplant and other cosmetic plastic surgeries can vary a lot depending on the specific procedure required and the results targeted. The following prices are provided for information purposes only, in order to give you an overall idea of prices for these procedures in Istanbul, Turkey. They are updated regularly to better reflect the current prices in the sector.


Hair transplant prices

Hair transplant operation: 2.150,00 € (average)

* Maximum number of grafts guaranteed  

* The price includes:

  • Pre-operation consultation (remote)
  • The entire process of hair transplant by a specialist medical team of a doctor and 2-3 technicians, including: pre-operation consultations, medical tests, haircut, local anesthesia, extraction, incisions, implantation, and dressing etc.
  • Fully-equipped HT operation rooms over 15 m2, and all the medical equipment and consumables needed during the operation 
  • Post-operation medications, including: gastroprotective, painkiller, antibiotic, anti-oedema, and blood thinner
  • First wash and check on the following day
  • Washing and care products 
  • Remote follow-up with an assigned specialist (regularly for the first 6 months)

Hair transplant basic package: 3.100,00 €.

A Basic Package offers you the most economical way of having your hair transplant. With this package, you will have all the basic services needed, starting from your arrival at the Istanbul Airport until your departure from Istanbul! The package includes:

  • The whole hair transplant procedure (above hair transplant services)
  • VIP transfers: airport-hotel-airport & hotel-clinic-hotel (once for operation and once for the post-operation check-up and wash)
  • 3 nights of accommodation at one of the best 4-star hotels in Istanbul
  • Discount for upgrade to combination surgery (both FUE and DHI techniques)

Hair transplant comfort package: up to 7.000,00 €.

Comfort packages offer you more than the essential services and enjoy a fully comfortable process. Different packages can be created specially for you. Below is the ideal package (7,000 Eur) that we recommend to patients that have the time and budget:


  • The whole hair transplant procedure (above hair transplant services)
  • Free upgrade to combination surgery for best possible results (both FUE and DHI techniques) 
  • 11 nights of accommodation at a 5-star hotel with a perfect location
  • VIP transfers throughout 11 days (for airport transportation, for all the services covered, and for 1-day guided tour)
  • 10 days of wash at the clinic after the operation
  • 3 hyperbaric chamber treatments in Istanbul
  • Aftercare and supportive treatment products for 12 months (including mesotherapy cocktails, hair vitamins, shampoos, and other products as relevant)
  • Close follow-up for 12 months

Cosmetic plastic procedure prices

We recommend getting consultation and quotation from at least 2 surgeons/clinics for each procedure. The prices provided below are average prices, and they can be lower or higher depending on the specific aspects of the procedure and the surgeon/clinic chosen.


Rhinoplasty2.500,00 €
Secondary rhinoplasty3.500,00 €
Blepharoplasty – upper eyelids1200,00 €
Blepharoplasty – lower eyelids1.690,00 €
Blepharoplasty – upper & lower2.200,00 €
Ear surgery (otoplasty)1.685,00 €
Neck lift 2.465,00 €
Mini face lift2.745,00 €
Face lift3.450,00 €
Filler300,00 €
Botox250,00 €


Male breast reduction (gynecomastia)1.900,00 €
Breast lift3.100,00 €
Breast implants 3.100,00 €
Breast lift & implants4.050,00 €
Breast reduction (female) 3.100,00 €
Arm lift2.850,00 €
Thigh lift3.100,00 €
Abdominoplasty3.100,00 €
Liposuction – per area 1.900,00 €
Liposuction – per additional zone900,00 €
Back lift2.850,00 €

Dental treatment prices

The prices of dental treatment can vary a lot depending on the techniques and materials used, which will be decided according to your exact needs. While a quick dental cleaning session can be as low as 50 €, a full package with 24 zirconium crowns may cost around 5.000,00 €, including your accommodation, medications and transfers. Consult us with your details to get tailored prices from diverse dental clinics.


Consult us for tailored quotations for your hair transplant, facial or body cosmetic plastic procedures, or dental treatments in Istanbul. For more detailed assessment and recommendations, fill a medical request form.